ECVYS Youth Voices

We are really excited to let you know about our youth voice projects across Essex: A unique & innovative way to engage young people in research & development around issues that matter

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Young people have lots of valid opinions & views to share and it is vital that we listen. Not only because we should(!) But because they can give us valuable insight into how things really are for young people living in Essex today. Young people are change makers,  we just need to give them a better chance to participate. It is our belief that this project allows young people to have their say and contribute in an accessible, inclusive and creative way.

Through our network we have amazing links with youth clubs across Essex. Our youth voices projects come in the shape of a flexible session plan that can be run within any shape /style of youth group. This means that young people can share their views about issues in their own safe environment, with their own trusted youth leaders and eat *pizza at the same time…What more could you want?!

Our commitment to empower the voluntary youth sector means that we build into all our projects a chance to ‘give back’. As a result, every youth group that takes part and returns the feedback may also claim a donation of £90 towards staff/volunteer time, venue costings & *Pizza (or other refreshments) for taking part- BONUS! 



How does my youth club get involved?

If you would like to be a part of this great way to hear young peoples voices in Essex then please contact Rachel to find out how you can run one of our sessions with your group. We currently have 2 youth voices projects that you can get involved with…read on for details…

How did we start our youth voice projects?


An idea about more inclusive listening and youth engagement led to a meeting with the National Institute for Health research in the East of England, who believed in our idea too! As a result, In April-July 2019 we ran a ‘micro’ project in the North East of Essex funded by the National Institute of Health research around how young people are consulted in the creation of mental health services.

In June-September 2019 we can a ‘micro’ project funded by the Community Safety partnerships in West Essex (Harlow, Epping & Uttlesford) around young people’s involvement in gangs & knife crime.


Currently we are excited to be working on two Essex wide projects. One is funded by the Essex Community Foundation and the #Iwillfund and is being run alongside the Young Essex Assembly who want to find out young peoples views on having a ‘Curriculum for life’. The hope is that this project will be a big insight into how young people in Essex feel they are being educated for ‘life’.


Our second project is funded by the PFCC’s Violence & Vulnerability unit and is focusing on Youth violence & vulnerability in Essex. The hope is that this project will help the unit to look at future spending priorities.

These two projects are open to ANY youth club in Essex to take part (with a group size of 10 young people or more. Aged mainly of the secondary school age.) 

If you know that your young people would like to take in our projects then please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you.