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Grassroots children’s/ youth clubs in Essex have been closed due to the pandemic, and many are hoping to re-open soon.

We have some support designed specifically to help re-mobilise these clubs-

1.) A grant of up to £500 to help with club reopening costs related to Covid-19 (applications originally opened on 13/01/2021-22/02/2021 but are now being reviewed monthly until funds for each district council have been allocated.

PLEASE NOTE that this is now only open to groups in Rochford, Colchester, Tendring and Harlow

2.) Telephone support, guidance/ risk assessment advice that you might need to help re-open


1.) Grant for remobilising grassroots children’s & youth clubs in Essex

This grant is designed to support small, local not for profit voluntary children’s and youth groups/clubs only. The grant can cover Covid-19 associated costs with the reopening of these groups/ clubs.

What can these costs include?
  • Covid-19 related hygiene costs (e.g. Hand sanitizer, soap, face masks, gloves, increased venue cleaning or equipment costs.)
  • Covid-19 related Infrastructure costs (e.g. Plexiglass screens, wall mounted dispensers, signage, increased venue hire costs to comply with social distancing.)
  • Covid-19 related volunteer training costs
  • Subs money covered for one term (up to £40 per child/ young person) for families struggling to pay subscription fees to voluntary, not for profit children’s or youth clubs who are affiliated to a national or Essex based governing body.

Who can apply?

Small, local grassroots and not for profit children’s and youth clubs who do not have support of this kind available through local or national affiliated bodies. This might be- Community based and not-for-profit youth or children’s clubs, uniformed organisations, sports or physical activity groups, musical theatre groups and many more!

You can download the application form here Application form Remobilisation grant  OR complete your application online here

contact Rachel Brett for more information Email:  Phone: 01371 404273

2.) Telephone support & guidance for all grassroots children’s & youth clubs in Essex to help them re-open-

  • Covid safe guidance and reassurance for re-opening including- ppe, social distancing and becoming a Covid-safe venue
  • Specific risk assessment guidance for Covid safe youth work in each individual setting
  • General risk assessment and safe practice guidance going forward
  • Specific advice on activities and adapting them to meet current regulations safely
  • Help with other venue queries 
  • Advice regards to staffing and how to remain safe whilst still maintaining a service
  • Help with sourcing and retaining volunteers
  • Encouragement and guidance for any other questions that groups have around Remobilisation
For help and guidance about the telephone support offered above please contact Sue Pell from Essex Boys & Girls clubs- email:  phone: 01245 264783
This funding is part of the governments covid-19 relief funding for district councils to distribute to vulnerable groups and Essex Council for Voluntary Services have been asked to lead on the distribution of funds


VVU Community fund now open for applications


As a Violence and Vulnerability partnership, our strategic goal is to reduce serious violence, the harm it causes, and to safeguard those at risk (relating to county lines, gangs and knife crime).
This fund has been specifically created because of the impact and challenges that Covid has bought upon local ‘not for profit’ voluntary or community clubs or organisations (*registered Charities, not for profit companies or community interest companies or other social enterprise, or companies limited by guarantee, charitable incorporated organisations or registered societies) in Essex, Southend and Thurrock whom are trying their hardest to carry on with their work of supporting vulnerable children and young people at this time.

We are looking to fund work that helps these young people to-
• Make positive choices that keep them safe
• Raise self-esteem and confidence
• Build resilience
• Improve emotional and physical health and mental wellbeing.

*PLEASE NOTE THAT: Your organisation MUST have a recognised constitution and be a- not for profit voluntary or community club or organisation, a registered Charity, A not for profit company or community interest company or other social enterprise. company limited by guarantee, charitable incorporated organisation or Registered society.

If you are eligible to apply for both funding strands then you may do so, but the total amount of funding that you can apply for is £10,000 and the funds must be spent by the end of March 2021.

There are two funding strands:
i. Projects & interventions (Available to organisations that meet our criteria checklist with an income of under £300,000 only)
Essex, Southend and Thurrock registered charities (with a track record of working in their local community) can apply for support with costs (including core costs) where they are directly delivering activities and interventions in communities that are clearly evidenced as supporting children and young people (up to 25 years old) involved in or at risk of serious violence, AND you have had to change your approach to the work because of the following Covid related reasons:
a. The project/ intervention that your charity is delivering is at risk due to the current situation and you have needed to adapt your delivery incurring extra costs.
b. There is increased demand that with current funds you are unable to meet.
c. You would be able to reach out further into your community (e.g. taking a different approach) to reach vulnerable children and young people (up to 25 years old) if you had additional funds.

ii. One off special event / activity (available to all organisations that meet our criteria checklist, regardless of annual income)
Essex, Southend and Thurrock registered charities (with a track record of working with communities in the County) for support with a one off special event/ activity that responds to an identified need due to the current situation with Covid, and this event/ activity can be clearly evidenced as engaging and supporting children and young people (up to 25 years old) involved in or at risk of serious violence. This might be needed because of the following Covid related reasons :
a. You can see a need for something extra to be delivered, directly reaching vulnerable children and adults (up to 25 years old). This could be as part of a wider community engagement or could be about connecting vulnerable children and young people with support networks beyond their locality. (You must evidence how the event/ activity will be delivered using up to date Covid-safe guidance for your area).
b. You do not have funds available to develop and run this one off special event/ activity.

Anticipated Time line:
Applications to be returned by 19th November 2020
The VVU will shortlist applications on the 25th November
The Voice of Communities working group will make decisions upon applications at the end of November, with input from ECC young commissioners.
Notification of successful applications ASAP at the beginning of December

Download the application form here-

If you would like more information on this fund then email or You can also email about joining in with our virtual information session about the fund on Monday 9th November at 4pm

Essex Community Foundation (ECF) manages the Essex Fund on behalf of Essex County Council. Grants of up to £10,000 are available to voluntary and community organisations and all applications must demonstrate at least one of the following areas of work:
  • Support for carers
  • Improvements to the environment
  • Provide a community resource
  • Activities for young people (including projects that increase awareness and participation in activities which explore culture and heritage)
For more information, including the application form, please go to   The deadline to apply is 5pm on Friday 16 January. Groups are encouraged to call the ECF grants team to discuss their work in advance of applying on 01245 356018.
YAPP Charitable Trust
Grants to support the running costs of very small registered charities in England and Wales working with elderly people, children and young people aged five to 25 years, and people who have disabilities or mental health challenges; or those working in the areas of social welfare or education and learning.
Allen Lane Foundation
Grants are available to small registered charities, voluntary groups and charitable organisations in the UK for work that makes a difference to people’s lives as opposed to simply alleviating the symptoms or current problems and should aim to reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination.
Please follow the link below to find out more about the Essex Police Fire and Crime Commissioner’s Community Development Fund.
The Essex Police Fire and Crime Commissioner’s Community Development Fund.
Agencies can apply for up to £20,000 for community projects that help to prevent and tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Essex.  Applications to the fund need to reflect at least one of the PFCC’s Police and Crime Plan seven priorities which are listed below to assist you:
  • More local, visible and accessible policing
  • Crack down on anti-social behaviour
  • Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse
  • Reverse the trend in serious violence
  • Tackle gangs and organised crime
  • Protecting children and vulnerable people
  • Improve safety on our roads
The PFCC will welcome bids from Harlow based agencies – you can apply as a single agency or submit a multi-agency bid depending on your planned project/new initiative.
If you would like any further information about the fund, please contact the PFCC’s office at or call 01245 291600.
Garfield Weston Foundation
Grants are available to charitable organisations in the UK for a wide range of projects in the areas of welfare, youth, community, arts, faith, environment, education, health and museums and Heritage
Essex Community Foundation Realising Ambitions
The Realising Ambitions Funding Programme is now live. Set up by the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership it will support voluntary organisations in Colchester and Tendring that are improving health and wellbeing.  Visit the website for details and to apply.
#iwill Fund
The UK-wide campaign’s goal is to make social action part of life for as many 10 to 20-year-olds, or up to 25 for disabled young people, as possible by the year 2020.  Essex Community Foundation manages the distribution of grants to charities and voluntary organsations in the county and the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex have provided match-funding.
Grants will be between £1,000 and £5,000.  Applications to the #iwill Fund are open to registered charities, constituted community groups and CICs limited by guarantee in Essex that provide social action opportunities for young people.
Deadline is Friday 26 July at 5pm.  You are encouraged to call the grants team on 01245 356018 to discuss your application in advance of submission.
Active Essex
We are delighted to announce that a “game-changing” £10.685 million Sport England National Lottery grant has been awarded to Essex Local Delivery Pilot to deliver our three year plan to get Essex active.
Essex Local Delivery Pilot (ELDP) is led by the Essex Health and Wellbeing Board, Active Essex, and more than 20 partners including public, community and voluntary sector organisations.
Our three-year plan, which focuses on doing things differently and challenging the root causes of inactivity, is set out in ‘Chapter Two, delivering system change’. It explains how we plan to tackle the inequalities which prevent 391,600 people in Essex from enjoying the physical, social and mental health benefits of an active lifestyle. Families, older people and those with poor mental health are our priority audiences.
Exciting plans include:
  • Getting local passionate people involved, who want to create activities in their areas
  • Creating active parks, coastal paths and new walking and cycling routes
  • Easy access small grants and support for community projects
  • Investing in successful voluntary groups and charities to scale up their activities
  • Training people in voluntary as well as paid roles, creating thousands of new volunteers, leaders and coaches
  • Brightening up buildings, streets and parks to make them attractive places to be active
  • World class measurement and evaluation which will be shared UK-wide
    Our work in the local test areas for the pilot of Basildon, Colchester and Tendring will be coordinated by the relevant local authority with the support of the three local Essex LDP Co-ordinators. Local Governance will be strengthened so it can be true to the core principles of empowering local people to co-produce their own solutions to make their communities become more active.
    Anyone interested in getting involved should email or telephone 03330 131620, or register interest on the website at
The ACT Foundation (UK)
Registered charities can apply for grant of up to £10,000 for work that enhances the quality of life for people in need, specifically the mentally and physically disabled. Priority is given to small and medium size charities making a significant impact in their community and who may lack the time and resources to be able to focus on their fundraising. Applications should address one of the key themes of the Foundation: Health and Wellbeing; Independent Living at Home; Respite; and Transition. Apply to the ACT Foundation for a grant at any time; the Trustees meet 6 times a year.
DM Thomas Foundation for Young People
Grants of up to £30,000 are available to UK registered charities that are working with young people (up to 25 years) with a particular focus on supporting the following target groups:
• Children and young people with disabilities
• Children and young people who are sick in hospital
• Children and young people who are life limited (requiring palliative care)
The Foundation will prioritise support to charities that demonstrate community involvement and volunteering opportunities as part of their working practices. The Foundation prefers to fund equipment and capital costs. Outright funding for salaries will not be considered. Grants can be awarded for refurbishment and equipment, but not for capital appeals or a new construction.
The Foundation will fund projects working towards accreditation or recognised qualifications for young people. This does not include teacher training. The Foundation prefers to support training programmes working directly with the young people, where they will work towards an accreditation.
Deadline: 5th February 2019, 7th May 2019, 23rd July 2019, and 8th October 2019
For more information:
The Rayne Foundation
The Rayne Foundation supports work which is untried and tests new approaches but has clear objectives. It favours work which could change the way issues are tackled in society and could have lessons for others beyond the funded organisation.
Their areas of special interest are:
  • Young people’s improved mental health
  • Arts as a tool to achieve social change
  • Improved quality of life for carers and for older people
Who can apply: Charities and not for profit organisations
Maximum grant: £20,000
Deadline: Applications can be made at any time
Click here
Essex Community Foundation: #iwill Fund
Grants of £1,000-£5,000 are available from the #iwill Fund for voluntary organisations and projects that offer activities which engage young people (aged 10 to 20) in their community and increase their understanding of local issues. This Fund has specific criteria and its own application form which can
be found here. Applications will be accepted throughout the year, but you are encouraged to apply soonest. Call ECF now on 01245 356018 to discuss your work and eligibility.
*Please note: This Fund was previously named the ‘Youth Social Action Fund’ and was only open to
organisations based/operating in Harlow, Epping Forest and Uttlesford. The Fund is now called the
‘#iwill Fund’ and is open to applications from across the county.
Click here
New £13 Million Fund Launched to Help Foster Relationships Between Frontline Professionals and Young People at Risk Of Sexual Exploitation
A new £13 million Government grant has been launched to help youth workers, police, nurses and other professionals form close, protective relationships with children and young people aged 10 – 17 at risk of sexual exploitation, gang crime or relationship abuse. The Trusted Relationships Fund will shortly invite local authorities to apply for funding to run projects aimed at fostering relationships between frontline staff and at-risk children. Through the fund, local authorities are encouraged to work with local partners to improve the way professionals, including social workers, youth workers, police and voluntary sector practitioners, work together to support vulnerable young people.
Funding for Young People to Develop Social Enterprises
UnLtd, in partnership with Sports Relief and the Spirit of 2012, has announced that young people who want to start, grow or build their social enterprise idea can apply for funding of up to £15,000. Young people can apply for a Test it Award of up to £500 or a Build it Award of up to £15,000. Awards can be applied for by an individual or small group of up to four people aged 11-30. Test it Awards provide young people with the chance to unlock their potential and make a positive difference in the community. UnLtd will also scale up successful projects by providing Awards of £15,000 to young people who are ready to build their ideas into sustainable social. Applications can be submitted at any time.
Comic Relief has launched a new grants programme working with Community Foundations across the Country.
The Core Strength – Local Communities initiative offers grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 to voluntary and community groups to help with the cost of running their organisation. This includes items such as rent and staff training.
To make an application, click here or call 01245 356018 to speak with a member of the grants team.
White Fuse Media are offering grants of up to £5,000 for the creation of a new website. The grant scheme is designed for small charities or non-profits with a turnover of less than £1 million. The grant will cover all set-up costs of the website including content strategy, design, development and launch. You will still need to cover the support and maintenance costs on a monthly basis. Further details here.
The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust Promotes, facilitates and supports agriculture and rural development.  The Trustees are particularly interested in initiatives in the areas of education of young people in rural areas and the relief of poverty within rural areas.
The next meeting of the Trustees will be held in June.  Applications must be made in writing.  For full information on how to apply click here