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The government has just published its Green Paper on transforming children and young people’s mental health provision , which may be of interest to you. A link to this is below:
Safer Essex are supporting the development of a hate crime strategy for Essex which will contain  actions for partner agencies to take forward from 2018-2021 to tackle hate crime.
There is a consultation period for community members, service users, and agencies around what the strategy should contain running until 02/02/18.

The press release accompanying the strategy is here.

CHHAT (Community Hidden Harm Awareness Team)
The Community Hidden Harm Awareness Team (CHHAT) is a project of The Children’s Society East, working with young carers across Essex aged 8-19 years who are affected by parental substance use (also known as Hidden Harm).
The Children’s Society East are really pleased to announce CHHAT recently re-secured a further three years of funding, meaning the project can continue to provide valuable support for this group of vulnerable young carers.
Prior to working with CHHAT many of these young carers are hidden within society not accessing the support they need and deserve.  Our work involves supporting these young carers in a variety of ways, to help them understand Hidden Harm, and begin to notice and express their feelings surrounding their individual experiences, building resilience and improving emotional wellbeing and safety. .
With young people’s consent professionals can refer individual young people into CHHAT for support via or by calling 01245 493311. Under 13 year olds also need parental consent.  The type of support we offer is determined following our assessment including:One to one support
  • Group work
  • Activity days
  • Liaising with professionals
Our referral criteria is as follows:
  • CHHAT is a county wide project across Essex (excluding Southend and Thurrock).
  • CHHAT can work with early intervention cases through to high intervention cases.  However CHHAT cannot be used as a step down service and where other agencies are involved (in particular around safeguarding) we need referrals prior to closure.
  • CHHAT works directly with young people aged 8-19 effected by parental substance misuse.  This includes parental alcohol, illegal drug and legal drug misuse.
  • Many of the young people working with CHHAT are young carers living with the parent who is misusing substances.  However we also work with young people where there is historic parental substance misuse, or where the young person is no longer living with the parent misusing substances.
  • Where young people are misusing substances themselves, please refer them into the Essex Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service (EYPDAS) rather than CHHAT, via The Children’s Society website link above.
If you have any questions about the CHHAT project, please do not hesitate to contact The Children’s Society East on 01245 493311 and ask to speak to a member of the CHHAT team.

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A big thank you to everyone who came to our AGM on the 14th June. We were very excited to welcome over 50 people to the meeting and supper. It means a lot to us that we are able to represent the voluntary youth sector in Essex and we were humbled and honoured by your support at our AGM.

An especially big thank you goes out to our guest speaker Councillor Dick Madden for his funny and thought provoking speech, and to Eileen, Carol and their team of guiding volunteers for an absolutely smashing supper!


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