The ECVYS conference 2017

Thank you so much to all those whom attended our conference on the 14th October 2017.

 (See details below)         

Youth leaders and volunteers from across  Essex came together to hear two challenging keynotes on hot topic issues affecting our young people, and engage with some fab workshops led by amazing youth organisations. 


  • Paul Secker, Head of safeguarding at Essex County Council

Paul spoke to us about C.S.E, sexting and online exploitation. Paul Shared his from experience and gave encouragement for voluntary youth organisations trying to safely navigate the world of safeguarding.

  • Gavin Mckenna, Director ‘Reach Every Generation’

Gavin spoke to us about the rise in gang culture within Essex, how voluntary youth groups can/should engage with them, and his own experiences of life in a gang

Workshop choices: A.M

  • Essex boys and girl’s clubs– Young people and sports; why its works!
  • Chelmsford Diocese Young people, Spirituality and engaging them with the Church
  • ECC youth service– How/what we should be measuring, recording & monitor­ing to help with fut­ure funding
  • Scouts Successfully train­ing up and investing in young leaders

Workshop choices: P.M

  • Guides Building self-este­em in young women in the modern age
  • The children’s socie­tyEffectively engagi­ng with children and families living in poverty
  • Interact– Engaging SEN young people in youth work- Breaking down the barriers
  • Essex Safeguarding Children’s Board Safe settings and safe youth work. What should we be doing?

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