The Essex Safeguarding Childrens Board: An ECVYS Update

 The Essex Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB) meets 4 times a year. In these meetings the Board – which is made up of different agencies – discusses matters that affect children, young people and their families in order to find ways of better protecting them from harm. It does not discuss individual cases but rather overarching themes

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Chelsea’s Choice: If you work with young people, there is a free training opportunity running across Essex this September and October, which aims to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation. It forms part of a project commissioned by the Essex Youth Strategy Groups.

Calling all CSE Champions!

If you are an existing CSE Champion, don’t forget you need to update your Champion Status. The deadline is 31st January 2018.

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Child in Need Training

These workshops are an introduction to working with child in need (section 17). The training is aimed at managers and those working with children, young people and families who want to expand or consolidate their understanding of working with families under child in need (section 17) or those who are new to their role and wish to develop their understanding of child in need work.

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Strengths Based Approach to Child Protection Conferences and Core Group Training

For anyone working with children and families in Essex who would like to better understand the strengths based approach. This course will also help participants to ensure they are an active member of the core group.

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Safeguarding Children Level 2

For those who work directly with children, young people and their families in Essex on a regular basis, this course aims to develop an enhanced understanding of safeguarding children including identifying and responding to concerns.

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Safeguarding Children Level 3: Designated Person Training

This is a one day multi-agency programme for those who are the designated person for child protection within their organisation. It is expected that participants have previously attended level 2 safeguarding training or equivalent.

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Working with Resistant Families and Disguised Compliance

This course is aimed at experienced workers who will get the opportunity for a facilitator led in-depth discussion and analysis of the key aspects of phenomena such as disguised/false compliance, avoidant or resistant behaviour of families/carers.

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Tools to Help Professionals when Working with Domestic Abuse Perpetrators

This course is run by the Southend, Essex and Thurrock Domestic Abuse Board. It’s a 3 day training course is aimed at professionals working directly with perpetrators of abuse/ their families. (Please note – this specific course excludes Essex County Council Social Care professionals as they have the opportunity to access an ESCA commissioned training course).

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ESAB Annual Report 2016-17
Published online, our annual report summarises the Board’s activities and discusses how ESAB has been working closely with wider strategic partnerships in Essex.

It sets out how the Board has met its statutory responsibilities and objectives and also how it is has progressed with its Strategic Plan for 2015-17.

Read the report’s key highlights in our news section and access the publication here.

1 Minute Guide to SAR Referrals

We’ve developed a ‘one minute’ guide for practitioners to differentiate between a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) and a Section 42 (S42) enquiry.

This guidance is intended to help practitioners decide whether a statutory review is required for cases they are managing, where they suspect an adult has experienced serious abuse and neglect.

Download the guide or find it on the Professionals page.

SET Guidance: Managing and Responding to Organisational Safeguarding Concerns

The Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding Adults Boards have jointly published this guidance for those involved in managing organisational safeguarding concerns.

Find out what the guidance covers and download the document here.

Let’s Talk

mental health and wellbeing strategy for 2017-2021 has been developed by local county councils and clinical commissioning groups to support residents across Essex, Southend and Thurrock.

It aims to promote mental well-being for all; ensure those needing support get the right service at the right time, as well as focus on prevention, early intervention, integrating services and co-producing with service users.

For advice and information on mental health, visit Living Well Essex. You can also find out about local resources on our Community Information page.

Alongside the Essex Safeguarding Adults Board, we published PREVENT Policy and Guidance on preventing radicalisation as well as a Safeguarding Guide for Accommodation Providers.

In light of the allegations of historical child sexual abuse at various football clubs across the country the Board jointly published Guidance for Parents on choosing out of school activities with Sports Active Essex and Essex County Council LADOs. This can be found on the new Safeguarding in Sport pages for Professionals and Parents/Carers.

The CSE chapter in the Southend, Essex & Thurrock Child Protection Procedures was revised to reflect a new definition and guidance on Child Sexual Exploitation.

There is new Southend, Essex & Thurrock Domestic Abuse Information Sharing Guidance providing multi-agency guidance for frontline practitioners.

ESCB an update from the ‘ Child exploitation and missing children’ sub group   25th May 2017

Gangsline are now active in Essex under PCC commissioning and delivering assemblies and mentoring in schools. They have been invited to the meeting in July to give an update.

Bi annual report Highlights:

  • ‘Missing children’ figures over Essex have stayed consisted over the last 6 months, With the highest number of these being children in care. (Nearly 50% of these children don’t believe they are at any risk when they go missing.)
  • A third of all children and families risk records for Essex are high risk, with increasing numbers at risk of CSE over the last 6 months.
  • There are improvements being made in helping to record and recognise males as at risk of CSE but more data will be collated by ESCB colleagues on the level of risk of the boys being identified to see how this tallies with the level of risk of girls being identified.
  • The ‘Older adult boyfriend’ model is the highest group at risk of cse and peer on peer is the next at risk.
  • The time that 8-11yr old are spending online has doubled since 2005 (CEOP data). This undoubtedly means a higher risk level and the ESCB team are aware of this.

We were grateful to be joined by the Stansted Border force team for an update on CSE and ‘missing children’ from their perspective-

Stansted has 25 million passengers per year and every border force officer is trained in basic safeguarding. Up to 50 more staff have specialist training in safeguarding and there are safe spaces for vulnerable families and children at the airport. Its a mammoth task but the border force are always looking out for children and young people that might be at risk.

The #KnowAboutCSE campaign with the police hit a large audience over social media platforms from 13th-18th March.

Countywide Child Sexual Exploitation project – Chelsea’s Choice:
The ECC Youth Strategy Groups and partners have jointly commissioned a countywide CSE project for young people aged 13 – 19 (up to 25 if SEN) and professionals and community leaders working with young people.  for more information see here

Priority will be made to share information across The ESCB, The boarder force, police, youth services, voluntary sector, health and schools to further a joined up approach in tackling CSE and missing children

Safeguarding Resources

The New Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Toolbox

The New ‘SET CSE Toolbox’ is now ‘Live’ and ready to use….

It features a range of guidance, resources and a new ‘SET CSE Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment’ that can be used by staff working with children, young people and families when they have concerns about child sexual exploitation.  

The SET CSE Toolbox replaces the SET CSE Risk Assessment Toolkit and has been created in consultation with the National CSE Response Unit (part of the National Working Group).  

The new risk assessment is a sharper, more focused instrument and guides professionals through the complex network of young people’s lives to gain a better insight into their vulnerabilities and indicators of CSE.  

Access the CSE Toolbox here: CSE Professionals Page

To support staff in using the CSE Toolbox and the CSE Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment, a short, free, online training course is available. Details of how to access the SET CSE Toolbox Online Training are available here: Learning and Development CSE

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