The Essex Children & Young Peoples Partnership Board: An ECVYS Update

ESCB has been working with each of the stay safe groups to develop some free local events. All the information including how to book is below;
In conjunction with the ESCB (Essex Safeguarding Children Board) our local Essex Stay Safe groups are delivering a free safeguarding conference designed to bring together those working with children and families in Essex. The events will be a mixture of speakers and practical workshops to bring you up to date with key themes for safeguarding in 2018.
The event aims to provide an interactive opportunity for multi-agency colleagues:
  • To go away with practical resources to support their work with children and families
  • To hear about key projects and new developments that aid early intervention to reduce risks
  • To be informed of impact achieved through partnership working
  • To have an opportunity to inform priorities going forward
Working Together and Safeguarding in West Essex
Working Together and Safeguarding in North East Essex
Working Together and Safeguarding in Mid Essex
Chelmsford, 9.30am-3.00pm, 22 March 2018 Book your place
Early Help and Safeguarding-A Partnership Approach in South Essex 
Each year the South Essex Children’s Partnership Board holds a stakeholder event. This year we are amalgamating with South Stay Safe.
Calling all CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) Champions!
If you are an existing CSE Champion, don’t forget you need to update your Champion Status. The deadline is 31st January 2018.
Find out how to maintain your Champions role.
Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedure
Chapter 7 (Allegations) Updates
Chapter 7 (Allegations) of the SET Procedures has been refreshed to align with current practice and also recent case law around suspension of employees. The updated procedures are available here and can also be accessed on the ESCB website.
New ESCB Procedure – Concealed Pregnancy
A new Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Procedure has today been launched – Presentation of Concealed, Denied or Late Booking in Pregnancy or Where a Woman or Young Person is known to have Concealed, Denied or Booked Late in Pregnancy Previously.
This procedure is for anyone who may become aware of a woman or young person who may be concealing or denying that she is pregnant or has booked late during her pregnancy AND where this raises safeguarding concerns for her unborn child.
The concealment, denial or late booking in pregnancy can present a significant challenge in safeguarding the welfare and wellbeing of the fetus (unborn child) and the mother. While concealment, denial and late booking, by their very nature, limit the scope of professional help, better outcomes can be achieved by coordinating an effective inter-agency approach.
This procedure will be used as a stand-alone document until the full SET Procedures are revised later this year.
We need your feedback on… Professional conflict resolution process (SET Procedures Chapter 11)
Through reviews locally and feedback from those working with children and families across Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) it has become apparent that the process for professional conflict resolution within the SET Procedures is not always used effectively or even known about.
The SET Procedures Working Group are asking you to take the time to complete the following survey to help us understand why this might be, suggestions for improvement and examples of good practice.
It’s really important we gain as many views as possible as the feedback from this survey will be presented to the SET Procedures Working Group (on behalf of their LSCBs) who will then make decisions on the actions required and will feed into the overall review of the SET Procedures later this year.
Take the survey.
Please complete the survey by Monday 19 February. Communications regarding the actions agreed at the SET Working Group will be circulated in due course.
The Essex Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB) has recently published its Annual Report, highlighting its accomplishments in serving one of the largest child populations in the country. The report is summarised in the following pages and can be read in full on the ESCB website. The Board’s work has only been achieved because of the commitment and efforts of the Board’s administrative team, led by Alison Cutler, and by the wide range of professionals who take part in Sub-committees and local ‘Stay Safe’ groups.
CSE Champions –  Sign up and Get Involved!
What does being a CSE Champion mean?
  • A champion in your organisation ensures you have a link to the most up to date information about CSE in Essex
  • Keeps your organisation up to date with localised changes and up to date with localised CSE risk assessment / tools etc.
  • The Champions role is to cascade knowledge through their organisations
What support is there from ESCB (Essex Safeguarding Children’s Board)?
  • They will be offering twice yearly themed CSE Champions Forums – ensuring that they are hitting on key subjects that are current within Essex and where possible will be delivered by experts in the field.  2017 -2018 forums are:
  • November – Working with parents (delivered by The Children’s Society); Understanding Perpetrators and multi-agency planning (delivered by NWG CSE Response Unit)
  • Jan/Feb – Working with children & young people (delivered by Children and Young People); Understanding adolescent trauma and risk taking in response to CSE (delivered by NWG CSE Response Unit
What do I have to do?
  • There are new standards set out across the CSE Champion Role rather than delivering it as a one off training event:
    • You need to have completed a basic awareness course in CSE
    • You need to have completed a safeguarding course
    • You must complete the Online CSE Toolbox Training – free and available through us, the link below tells you how to apply
    • You need to have your line management approval
    • You need to have the free Gold Membership – free and available through ESCB, the link below tells you how to apply
  • It is an expectation of all CSE Champions to attend at least 1 of the Forums a year – this ensures they are kept informed and supported in their development in relation to CSE
How do I apply?
To apply for CSE Champion all details are:
It is a fairly straight forward process, so please consider signing up
N.B – Please link direct with ESCB via the link if you need any further information

The CYPPB is a multi agency body invested in the wellbeing of children and young people across Essex. It has produced a strategic partnership plan that each agency is committed to delivering and monitoring against its priorities.

The ECVYS Director sits on the Countywide board as a voice for the voluntary sector. There are updates from these meetings, and each of the local board meetings below. We aim to have an ECVYS rep on each of these boards so that we can speak on behalf of the voluntary sector.

Please take a look at the up and coming issues highlighted from each meeting and let the ECVYS Director know if there is anything that you would like to comment on or make your voice heard about.

Download the Partnership plan here. There is also a short animation to go alongside this plan that helps demonstrate the vision.

There is a new update from the child exploitation project manager on her blog. Read it here 

Countywide CYPPB Update:  2nd March 2017- Rachel Brett- ECVYS Director.

♦  Virgin Care and Barnardo’s have been awarded the 0-19’s contract. This has affected many of our current groups. The new providers will be seeking to engage with the voluntary sector. Let me know if you have any specific comments that you would like me to feed into this conversation

♦ A report was given from the CME (children missing education) sub group. The report shows a concern for those children and young people that are not in Education as they are at higher risk of abuse. There will be a media campaign soon to highlight this issue.

♦ Gangs and youth violence is raising a concern in Essex as figures show that it is on the rise. The Youth Offending Service are tackling this by trying to raise aspirations with young people at local colleges. The youth service are making their youth workers have a more visible presence in the community- especially at local train stations.

♦ Vulnerably housed families are on the rise in Essex. Concerns were raised at families being moved into Essex from other boroughs with little or no support, and into accommodation that is not suitable for families. This is something that the childrens partnership board will be keeping a close eye on and working with housing to identify ways to support families more.
Local CYPPB Updates

West: ECVYS member rep – Luke Lowrie – The Red Balloon Family

Mid: ECVYS member rep – Rachel Brett – ECVYS Director

South: ECVYS member rep – Mark Tiddy – Diocese of Chelmsford


North: ECVYS member rep – Jane Blomeley Colchester Y.E.S.